We’re proud to officially announce that WineTym Ltd. has partnered with UNIGLOBE Travel (Western Canada) Ltd. to deliver our WT Members even more amazing new perks!

Based in Vancouver and with 19 locations across Western Canada, UNIGLOBE Travel (Western Canada) is well known and recognized in the industry for their support of their agencies and consultants.  UNIGLOBE agencies specialize in leisure & cruise travel, groups, destination weddings and SME corporate travel. It’s not what they promise that sets them apart, it’s what they deliver.

Our WineTym web-service provides our Members with the unique ability to search, filter, plan and map their perfect winery experiences!

UNIGLOBE Travel are experts in managing the diverse and changing needs of corporate, leisure and group travel.

Ready for take-off?

Step One: Get Your WineTym Membership, HERE: www.winetym.com/shop/

Step Two: Click on UNIGLOBE Travel in our Corporate Partners section to reveal your discount and how to redeem it!

Hint: If you travel in and out of YVR (Vancouver International Airport) then you will definitely want to see what UNIGLOBE Travel has to offer our WT Members!

Are you a WineTym Member yet? Now is the Tym!  

Join HERE——-> www.winetym.com/shop

 Begin searching, saving and mapping your perfect winery experiences!

WineTym Website Search Boxes

WineTym Website Search Box

WineTym is a membership based, premium web-service that connects wine lovers to BC wineries. Our platform provides members with the unique ability to view and enjoy drones-eye sneak peeks of wineries. Members can discover, search and filter through multiple amenities & varietals to map out and save their perfect winery experiences. As a WineTym Member, you receive amazing exclusive savings & discounts from our Corporate, Winery & Retail Partners. As WineTym continues to grow, so do our WT Partners and your WT Perks!