Experience BC Wineries Like Never Before

A Web-Service for Wine-Lovers

Why WineTym?

Wine lovers everywhere are tired of missing out on unique wineries they didn't know existed after spending hours searching. WineTym brings wineries to you, with innovative technology that allows easy and quick access to wineries. Each winery has created their own unique experience and we want you to have a drones eye sneak peek of that experience before you ever taste the wine.   WineTym created a premium service just for wine lovers and about BC Wineries! NO advertising, just wineries - and we mean it! Now, wine lovers can become part of the WT family and experience a journey through the stunning beauty of  B.C’s unqiue wineries.



Discover beautiful B.C. wineries. WineTym is your premier gateway to experience unique wineries and their stories. British Columbia is a major wine producing province and offers amazing tastes for everyone. Enjoy WineTym’s enhanced premium technology at your fingertips. Keep your winery memories as you cruise through the wine regions of B.C. with WineTym. Discover and relax at your new favourite winery, sharing your next winery destination with friends and family.



What is a WT Membership?

WineTym is a premium membership for wine lovers. Enjoy BC wineries at your fingertips anytym ~ anywhere. Experience a drones eye sneak peek view of wineries and save your favourites, filter through 5 different search options, choose as many filters as you want to use and plan your trip! Become a WT member for $12.00 a year or $5.00 for a 1 month trial. As more wineries become partners, your WineTym membership continues to grow!  Receive exclusive WT savings, freebies and discounts from our corporate, retail and winery partners, and enjoy WineTym VIP events.  We are just getting started.





Spend your tym at wineries rather than hours searching for them!  Now you can easily plan your own winery tour and experience those wineries you really want to visit.  Our drones-eye sneak peek views and filters offer quick, easy, and convenient service at your fingertips. Our mobile friendly web service allows you to select your winery preferences, customize your winery adventure and save your fav's. In seconds you can View. Plan. Go!





How Does WT Work?

It's easy, simple and convenient. Join and login into your personal WineTym account and view BC wineries from a drones-eye sneak peek experience.  As a member, you have the ability to filter and customize your search results with 5 WT options along with saving your favourite wineries. As WineTym continues to grow with new WT partners joining, your membership continues to grow! Enjoy wineries at your fingertips. Click. Plan. Go.






Experience over 270 BC Wineries, their hospitality, stories and tastings rooms with WineTym’s premium web-service and today’s technology. We created that one place where you can have a drones-eye sneak peek experience of wineries as if you were driving into each winery! Explore British Columbia’s breathtaking views and wineries around every corner where a new winery experience awaits.